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Over the years, many doctors and healthcare professionals have chosen Rehna to help them take the next step in their personal development goals and/or challenging careers. Some of the reasons shown below may apply to you and your situation.    

do you feel loss of control at work

Are others making decision’s that impact the quality of work you provide and this causes you personal stress?

are you at a cross roads 1

Do you want to make a decision on which path to take and need confidence, advice and/or professional development help?

are you facing change

Have you seen colleagues retire/leave and has that prompted you to plan the next stage of your career, change career, or improve your working life?

are issues in your life

Are you currently having difficulties at work, including health issues, managing emotions at work or interpersonal relationship problems?

do you wish to explore

If so, Rehna would be happy to work with you and we can find a way to work together that serves you best, such as

  • 1:1 coaching,
  • Group coaching,
  • Virtual workshops, and/or
  • Face to face half day workshops

To arrange a free, no obligation, confidential consultation and take the first step to transforming your career and working life, please contact me below.

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  • Tel.:+44 (0)7717 573494