Performance measurement Rehan KhanAs part of my personal continuous improvement journey, I recently attended a local training event in Sheffield which focused around 'Key Performance Indicators and their Measurement".

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are are commonly used across health and care systems to examine and compare performance.

Put simply, once developed, KPI's are a primary means of reviewing your performance against your goals. In the Health Care Sector, KPI's typically focus across a range of areas including;

  • care quality,
  • customer service,
  • length of stay,
  • mortality rates,
  • readmission rates,
  • costs per episode of patient care, and
  • the number of staff employed.

Some indicators assess the efficiency of services while others scrutinise clinical performance.

In our personal lifes, KPI's may be set to help someone reduce weight, manage their health or increase their financial wealth. Irrespective of the goal, clear setting, measuring and recording of the KPI's is critical.

Rehan Khan KPI communicationHOWEVER, interestingly, THREE further factors are essential for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS

Firstly, successful people and organisations ensure that KPI's are EASY TO RECORD.

#Rule 1: If it is difficult, it won't happen ... Keep it Simple!

Filtering information from several areas/reports, conducting complex calculations and manually manipulating data essentially increases the likelihood that the KPI focus will fail over time.  

Secondly, successful people and organisations ensure that KPI's are efficiently COMMUNICATED to stakeholders, peers and colleagues.

#Rule 2: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate - Do not underestimate the power of Peer Group Pressure!

Thirdly, successful people and organisations ensure full KPI TRANSPARENCY

#Rule 3: Do not be afraid of communicating poor results

Poor results/performance is an essential element in the continuous improvement process. People who do not make mistakes will either never do anything, or never learn and develop to their full potential. 

A simple example of how the three 'KPI rules' are applied can be seen in the field of 'social dieting groups' such as "weight watchers".

Many non-group, personal diet plans fail quickly because the person fails to understand the significance of peer pressure. The weekly weigh-in's at groups such as weight watchers have a massive physiological effect on a persons performance, as nobody likes to fail or be unsuccessful within a group environment. Communication and Peer pressure is therefore great at helping you achieve your goals.

Groups such as Weight-watchers also help to make it easy for people to record and communicate their weight with the introduction of Smart Phone Apps. In such apps you can define the communication group, record data in seconds and easily track weight reduction performance and trends.

These three factors dramatically increase the probability of GOAL SUCCESS. With my coaching, I can help you unlock your goal potential and help you create sustainable performance. Give me a call for further information.