Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your coaching style? +

    Enabling, Motivating and Inspirational.
    I use a range of evidence based coaching tools. It is not for those who don’t wish to try!
    The process can deliver life changing results and the clients that get the best results are those that are really present.
  • What is Success with GRACE? +

    A half-day workshop for up to 30 people, booked by companies who wish to enhance the wellbeing of their employees
    and/or a full day (yellow belt) programme that “deep dives” into each module introduced in the Success with GRACE workshop?
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  • What does GRACE stand for? +

    Grace is an acronym that stands for
    G – Growing your wellness

    * taking 10 mindful minutes, making time for your soul items, putting yourself first, “you can’t give what you don’t have”

    R- Reverse engineer your goals and tap into your resourcefulness,

    A- Awareness of your limiting beliefs and change them into empowering beliefs

    C- Communicate your achievements

    · Tapping into your peak performance times increases motivation

    · Active listening exercise (skills that will motivate your team)

    · Clear up your boundaries (so your “Yes” means yes and your “No” means no)

    E - Extreme Pressure response,

    * resolving conflict at work

    * overcoming the monkey mind* being aware of “catastrophizing” so you can avoid doing it
  • How is the workshop delivered? +

    Each module starts with a microteaching and practical demonstration of the exercise, followed by break out groups to discuss and return to the main group to share learning. I have a workbook that accompanies the programme which is filled in during the session. A certificate of attendance with CEA awards for the participating Optometrist’s and 4 CPD points accredited by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists are available.
  • What Experience do I have Relating to Running Successful Workshops? +

    A large multi-national company sponsored me to deliver a Success with Grace workshop in January 2019 for a group of 16 doctors as part of a full day CPD ophthalmology event. The feedback was excellent and they have since requested two further workshops in Birmingham and Bristol.

    I have also given many talks and delivered numerous workshops as a consultant Ophthalmologist on quality improvement and project management and sharing good practice.

    I was also co-founder of the national exam revision course “Opticus” which ran for 5 years (2004-2009) which supported many trainee ophthalmologists prepare for the old style refraction exam

    In my current role as Educational Adviser to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, I deliver the examiner training and refresher workshops where I lead the training for very senior colleagues and leaders in their own fields of academia and clinical ophthalmology. I also facilitated the “Cert LRS examiner training day”, which hosted examiners who are leading figures in U.K refractive surgery alongside the senior examiner for Cert LRS.
  • What is the research evidence my programme is based on? +

    Psychodynamic ideas descend from Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung (1923) and have much to contribute to the understanding of the relationships that develop when the tools described above are put into practice. “here and now” feedback is also a key element of Gestalt practice which focuses on the emotional and physical (somatic) reactions that occur.

    Motivational theory has been one of the most studied areas of human psychology in organisational, individual and sports settings. The research has strongly affected the critical impact that results from effective goal setting and resulting improved performance.

    The positive psychology movement confirms through rigorous academic research the practices outlined above and other tools that are used in the workshop, for example showing a focus on what our clients do well (rather than what they do badly) leads to greater fulfilment, better job success, greater happiness and reduced depression.

  • What is the programme promise to the individual? +

    By trusting the process and being fully present during the workshop the programme promises to deliver: -

    An Increased sense of wellbeing now that you are creating time in your busy schedule for “me” time (to do things that you enjoy)

    You will gain clarity about which goals you need to focus on to progress your career and current “top of mind” issue

    You will revisit the art of excellent communication skills, and experience the impact of active listening on the quality of team relationships (because better quality relationships lead to better outcomes and increased joy at work)

    Awareness of your limiting beliefs: you will now be aware of these and by being aware and tweaking them, you will change them into empowering beliefs

    Clear up your Boundaries: you will do an inventory of your YES’s, No’s and MAYBES. You will be better at saying No to things that are not aligned with your goals.

    Extreme Pressure Response: You will have a system that you can use when a conflict situation arises, that will help you to reduce stress and tap into your own resourcefulness that will help you deliver better outcomes in a stressful situation
  • What is the cost/investment? +

    Coaching is an investment in your own personal and professional development and your career, in order to create the best possible future for yourself. I always work hard to ensure my clients receive maximum value and return on their investment.

    I offer one-to-one programmes for an initial 4 sessions. Each session is 40 minutes long. Subsequent sessions may be for a block of sessions or pay-per-session. In order to maintain a high quality service for my clients. I do not offer pay-per-session until after an initial block of 4 sessions has been completed.

    If you are interested and have more questions, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange the intake session, once I am confident that I can help you, and you feel I am the right coach for you, we can book the block of 4 sessions. Many people wish to have further ad-hoc sessions as their career progresses after their initial block of sessions as their career progresses. I will be happy to discuss the investment for the success with GRACE workshop and the full programme, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    I don’t charge VAT and there are no hidden costs. Many people are able to count their coaching sessions as Professional Expenses (CPD) for tax purposes and I can give you a CPD/CEA (for optometrists) certificate. Many employers will pay for leadership and career coaching from an independent provider such as myself to support their more senior staff. Our contract describes the full terms and conditions.

    All sessions are paid in advance. Oculus Dexter Ltd. will send you an invoice for each block of 4 sessions which you pay electronically, you then will receive an email receipt as confirmation of your payment.
  • Can you coach my staff? +

    Please contact me to discuss this. If you are a manager or Medical Director and are looking for a Leadership and Career Coach to work with a member or members of your staff rather than yourself directly, the answer is usually yes.
  • Is coaching confidential? +

    I understand that discretion and confidentiality are extremely important to my clients and I take great care to provide a safe and confidential service within the limits of the law. In line with my professional accountability ethics, if I have concerns about your or someone else’s welfare I will discuss this with you in the first instance and I will agree a course of action with you. I will always make every effort to discuss any concerns with you in person or by phone, and will only contact another party as a last resort in extreme circumstances, and even then on an anonymous basis if at all possible.
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