Patient Testimonials

  • Age 74, Huddersfield +

    Age 74, Huddersfield “Mrs Khan’s bedside manner is second to none, she is really caring and I find myself telling my friends about Mrs Khan care.

    At my last visit, I mentioned that I had not heard about when my cataract operation would be and Mrs Khan went out of her way to get me the appointment. Her caring nature and the fact that she really listens and takes on board what I say to her. She takes the time even in a busy clinic to sort the problem out.

    What makes Mrs Khan stand out for me is that she treats you with so much care, like a family member and remembers you each time you come”
  • Age 78, Holmfirth, +

    “Mrs Khan is always pleasant at every appointment and gives good patient centred care. She has very good communication skills.

    I am a people person and people like me react to positively and she has all those attributes. It is a pleasure to have her as my doctor.

    She is just lovely approachable and smiley and I feel safe with her”
  • Age 83, Woodfield +

    "Mrs Khan explained each step of the procedure and I found her very capable and had complete faith in her treatment.

    She always explains things to me using words I can understand”
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